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  • Flourish Practice Challenge 2017

    March 27 – May 5


    Each student will have 6 weeks to earn points that count towards different prizes. Each 6 week time frame will start and end on the day of their lesson that week.

    Monday lessons: March 27 – May 1

    Tuesday lessons: March 28 – May 2

    Wednesday lessons: March 29 – May 3

    Thursday lessons: March 30 – May 4

    Friday lessons: March 31 – May 5


    Practice time must be recorded in MyMusicStaff for each day of practice. Time each week will be reviewed by the teacher at the lesson and points added on to the student’s score. Only primary instrument practice time counts for the challenge.


    Available awards:



    How to Earn Points:


    Each student with their teacher will decide upon a goal for daily practice to be completed at least 5 days per week. This goal will be decided and recorded on the first day of the competition.


    Every week, climbers may earn points by the following practice:


    Complete their practice goal                                                 1000 points

    Surpass their goal by 25%                                                      Extra 500 points

    Surpass their goal by 50%                                                     Another extra 500 points

    Surpass their goal by every increment of 25%                  Another extra 500 points


    Record and upload a video (1-2 minutes long)                  1000 points

    In the video the student should describe and demonstrate a particular practice technique or skill for efficient, quality practice. Examples include chunking, lego practice, box practice, slow practice, practice cake, fingering, breathing, rhythmic variation, performance practice etc.

    Videos should be emailed to info@flourishmusicacademy.com or shared with our DropBox.

    A total of 3000 points can be earned with videos. Videos must each be on separate topics from each other and from essays (see following).

    Write an essay (100 words)                                                   1000 points

    In the essay the student should write on a practice topic and describe how they have been able to improve their practicing through their topic. Example topics include “How to make practicing a habit”, “How practicing scales has helped me as a musician”, “My warm up routine”, “Why I incorporate listening to recordings in my practice time” etc.

    Essays should be emailed to the teacher or to info@flourishmusicacademy.com

    A total of 3000 points can be earned with essays. Essays must each be on separate topics from each other and from videos.

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