How can you accomplish so much in just a few days while having so much fun at the same time?

Join us this summer to find out….

At Flourish workshops and camps, students gain:

  • Memories with new and old friends that last a lifetime
  • New skills that catapult their music progress forward
  • Ability to dive into a specialized topic that interests them (e.g. songwriting, musical theater, playing in small ensembles)
  • Excitement to keep learning and playing

We offer a variety of experiences for different ages and levels. Check them out to see which one you want to join!


PLEASE NOTE: In-Person camps for summer 2020 have been cancelled.

Teen Songwriting Workshop on August 7 will take place online via Zoom. Register by July 24!



>> Jumpstart Camps (Piano/Violin/Guitar/Cello/Ukulele/Voice)

>> Teen Workshops

>> Flourish Book Blast Camp

>> Ensemble Camp





“My son loved it and was so excited to come to camp” – parent from piano Jumpstart 2019.

Jumpstart is our #1 recommended way for kids to start learning an instrument!

In our hands-on camp, students learn the basics much faster than normal. They can play songs at the end of 4 days that might have taken 2 months in normal lessons to master.

Students get excited about the BIG GAINS they see in such a short amount of time … which boosts their self-confidence and their enjoyment in playing… and is just one of the reasons why they love coming back to camp every day!

Read more about Jumpstart and what other parents have said HERE.


Jumpstart is also a great way to see if this particular instrument really clicks with your child before committing to longer-term lessons.

This jam-packed camp is limited to ONLY 5 students to give students the most personal attention possible. Register today to reserve your spot!


ALL JUMPSTART 2020 camps have been cancelled.

Location: Flourish Music Academy


Session One: June 29 – July 212:30-2:30pm Ages 10-14Register by June 15
Session Two: August 3 – 610am – 12pm Ages 6 – 9Register by July 20


June 29 – July 2 12:30 – 2:30pmAges 8 – 14 Register by June 15


August 3 – 610am – 12pmAges 7 – 12Register by July 20


June 29 – July 212:30 – 2:30 pm  Ages 7-12 Register by June 15


UPDATED: June 29 – July 2 3 – 5pm  Ages 7-12 Register by June 15


UPDATED: August 3 – 610am – 12pm Ages 7 – 11Register by July 20


Click here for more info including cost of Jumpstart 

Flourish BookBlast


“I learned SO many songs!!!” – BookBlast student from Piano BookBlast 2019

Imagine how many songs you learn in a 2 month period of regular lessons… now think if you could learn that much in just 4 days?!!! Kids catapult their skills to the next level and get excited about the BIG GAINS they see in such a short amount of time at Flourish BookBlast!

In just four days you can:

  • Learn 8 weeks (or more!) worth of music and improve your skills more than you thought possible!
  • Choose your own focus. Go really far in your lesson book, bring in your favorite Disney music to work on, or work on skills outside of the ordinary routine of lessons, such as improv, playing from chord charts and more.
  • Have fun playing music review games and other creative activities. Students find it is just the right balance of work and play 🙂
  • Get a break from the normal practice routine. Kids love they can accomplish so much with no home practice required!

This is an activity your whole family can enjoy – students work independently at their own pace and level. We have spots for students age 6-18, so you have the convenience of a great summer activity for everyone without running all over town!

If your schedule doesn’t allow for regular weekly lessons over the summer, use the Book Blast camp to make sure you don’t lose ground before you start again in the fall. Or add it on to summer lessons for even more progress!

This jam-packed camp is limited to ONLY 5 students to give students the most personal attention possible.


Want to know more? Click HERE to hear what students have said, and get a better picture of what it is like.



All BookBlast 2020 camps have been cancelled.

Location: Flourish Music Academy


Session One: June 29 – July 2 10am – 12pm Ages 6 – 18Register by June 15
Session Two: August 3 – 6 12:30 – 2:30pmAges 6 – 18Register by July 20


June 29 – July 210 am – 12pm Agues 6 – 18Register by June 15


Session One: UPDATED August 3 – 610am- 12pm Ages 7 – 11Register by July 20
Session Two: August 3 – 612:30-2:30pm Ages 12 – 18Register by July 20

Strings – Violin, Viola and Cello

June 29 – July 210am – 12pmAges 6- 18Register by June 15


Click here for more info including cost of BookBlast


Teen Workshops

Songwriting – Friday August 7, 9am – 12pm


Have you always wanted to write a song? Learn how to come up with a catchy tune at our Songwriting workshop!

At our Songwriting Workshop you will:

  • Learn about melody and harmony to write a song that sounds good
  • Learn the tricks and tips to easily copy your song onto paper
  • Gain confidence in writing your own music so you can do it again and again!

Start the day with pencil and paper and end with a new song in your hand!

For ages 12 – 18

Friday August 7, 9am-12pm at Flourish Music Academy

Register by July 24 (Enrollment capped at 9 students)


Musical Theater Audition Masterclass –  Wednesday July 15, 9am-12pm

Want to improve your game when it comes to auditioning for musical theater?

At our Musical Theater Audition Masterclass you will:

  • Get masterclass style coaching on your favorite audition piece
  • Learn the tips and tricks of how to prepare well and sing your best during your audition
  • Work with veteran performer Megan Mellenthien to make your next audition your best yet!

For ages 12 – 18

UPDATED DATE: Wednesday July 15, 9 am – 12pm  at Flourish Music Academy

Register by July 1 (Enrollment capped at 9 students)


Ukulele Jam – Tuesday August 4, 1 – 4pm

At our Teen Ukulele Jam Workshop you will:

  • Play popular songs by artists like the Beatles, Elvis or Johnny Cash
  • Learn either basic chords or a more complicated version, based on your experience level
  • End the day jamming out with other teens on your favorite tunes!

For ages 12 – 18

Tuesday August 4, 1 – 4 pm at Flourish Music Academy

Register by July 21 (Enrollment capped at 9 students)


Ukulele Jam 2020 has been cancelled.

Ensemble Camp

Music is more fun with friends! Play in a duet/trio/quartet in our  Ensemble Camp.


Not only do you get to experience one of the most musically satisfying experiences ever!!!   – you  also learn skills that make you a better solo musician as well!


This is not just piano duets! Since Flourish is a multi-instrument school, you may be paired with an instrument other than your own. Try traditional pairings like string quartet or rock band, or non-traditional pairings


The Ensemble Camp includes Masterclass coaching and rehearsal times for groups to practice together, plus a culminating recital on Friday July 31 at 7pm.


Learn more and see what students have said about Ensemble Camp HERE


Summer Camp Dates:

Session One:9 – 10:30am July 27 – July 30
Session Two:10:45am – 12:15pmJuly 27 – July 30
Session Three:12:30 – 2pmJuly 27 – July 30

Registration Deadline: May 22

(Note: You must be enrolled in lessons at Flourish to register for Ensemble Camp)

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