Homeschool Music Classes

Based on survey run July 2020 to gauge the needs of the homeschooling community in Greeley, Flourish Music Academy is now offering beginner General Music Classes for homeschoolers during the fall of 2020.

What does class include?

General Music Class will work to develop proficiency in:

  • Basic musicianship and aural skills (rhythm, pitch etc)
  • Basic music reading and theory (ie understanding how music works)
  • Music history knowledge, including listening activities

Tuition includes free student subscription to The teacher will assign specific games for students to practice musicianship and reading skills at home.

Class is geared towards beginners or those who have taken 0-2 years of music lessons. Class can be taken on its own, or in conjunction with music lessons.

FYI: General Music Class will NOT include instruction in playing specific instruments. If you are interested in learning an instrument we recommend our lesson program. However, General Music Class would be a fantastic supplement to lessons to help you make progress even faster!

Why take music class at Flourish?

An interactive and safe class your kids will enjoy! And YOU get the assurance of knowing your children are getting professional instruction, with one less thing to do in your busy homeschool day.

  • Interactive games and activities used to teach skills – your kids will NOT be bored with long lectures!
  • Practice at home through online games – get the repetition your child needs to develop proficiency with zero whining (because it feels like a video game)!
  • Face-to-face interaction, camaraderie with other students and teacher (Plus SAFETY measures taken to minimize risk of illness)
  • High quality instruction from professional (and friendly!) music teachers at Flourish
  • All the homework will be set by the Flourish teacher with easy to follow instructions for your child to do by him/herself, so one less thing you have to do for your homeschool teaching!
  • General music proficiency will benefit your child whether or not they are learning an instrument – they gain the academic, social, emotional benefits of music, plus they can enjoy making music more in many environments – singing at church, going to concerts etc.


Flourish Music Academy  2170 35th Ave Suite D Greeley

This will be mostly in-person class but it may also include some online sessions if necessary due to COVID-19

We are taking many precautions to minimize risk of illness to all our students and staff. This will include mandatory face coverings for all students and staff, to be worn at all times when inside the Academy. Read more about our in-person protocols HERE

To keep proper physical distancing, class will be maximum of 4 sibling groups (total max of 8 students) or 4 students from different households.

Fall 2020 schedule

Wednesdays, September 16 through December 9 (excluding Thanksgiving week, Nov 25)

Session 1 (Ages 6 – 10): 10 – 10:45am

Session 2 (Ages 11 – 14): 11 – 11:45am


Registration deadline = Friday, September 4, 2020



$175 for the semester

$25 Discount for additional children in family (1st child pays full price)


If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Or if you are ready to register you can register below:


Registration for Fall 2020 Homeschool classes are now closed! Stay tuned for upcoming classes!