Why Flourish?

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Our Students LOVE playing music!

90% of students surveyed said they enjoy playing their instrument MORE due to lessons at Flourish

What sets Flourish apart?

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Are you worried about the practice battles at home?

Our program creates a stress-free experience for students so they are NURTURED and TRANSFORMED into life-long lovers of music, working at whatever pace fits you.

  • Our instructors are hand-selected not only for their musical expertise but also for their friendliness and ability to connect with students.
  • We show students exactly how to practice at home so they don’t go home overwhelmed and frustrated. In fact, our longer lessons allow students to learn everything in the lesson before they go home so practicing feels easy!
  • Students are excited to practice at home because they play music they know and love!
  • Traditional music lessons turn learning an instrument into a solitary endeavor. Our emphasis on community provides a natural support system for students
  • Our recitals are stress-free and fun – students and families can’t wait for the next one!
  • Gain confidence in your playing! We set students up for success through careful selection of songs that are both motivating and achievable.

We believe students enjoy music more when they can play music they know and love! Which is why we focus on helping our students make progress FASTER to reach their musical goals.

  • Our teachers are all highly qualified with formal training (most have Graduate degrees in music) plus professional playing and teaching experience
  • Continuing education for our faculty and using the latest science-based research ensures our teaching methods get the best results for students
  • Our Flourish Achievement Program allows students to track their progress, celebrate their achievements, and stay motivated. It also ensures every student is transformed into a well-rounded musician. No other school in Northern Colorado has developed a unique program like this!
  • Flourish students can participate in the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations – an even more formal way to measure their progress from an objective perspective. Join the best students in the country and receive extra recognition for your achievements!

Investing in music lessons is a commitment. We want our students to get the most for their money by carefully crafting every aspect of our program to inspire and empower students!

Here is just some of what we offer you won’t find other places:

  • Online theory and ear-training games make learning theory feel like a computer game instead of homework.
    Every student is encouraged to write their own music; we even host the annual Composition Festival to showcase student compositions
  • We utilize technology such as iPads and quality recording microphones to create a 21st century music lesson experience for students.
  • Our frequent, fun performance events are not the traditional dreaded recital. We have lots of fun (think Hawaiian Christmas Luau recital, playing at coffee shops etc.) which means students can’t wait for the next one!
  • Jam with other students in our MusicTogether Ensemble program (and not just piano duets! Our multi-instrument school means you get to experience playing with a variety of instrument combinations!)
  • Our annual practice challenge gives students the chance to earn awards both individually and with their team, including a pizza party!
  • Our sightreading library offers you access to a lot of music without having to purchase a bunch of books you only use once
  • Our unique adult student events such as the Performance Soirees and Concert-Outings allow adult learners to spend time with others who share their love for music
  • Greeley’s only multi-instrument school! With 5 different teaching rooms and instructors for piano, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, voice, violin, viola or cello, get all your music lessons in one location.
  • Less drop-offs and pick–ups; We work with families with multiple kids (or multiple instruments for one student) on scheduling so you can get lessons back-to-back or at the same time.
  • Unlimited makeup credits! Ask us how we make it so easy for you to get all your lessons.
  • Super flexible summer scheduling with lots of options to work around your existing summer plans.
8 year-old Everett took to piano from day one. In the first year of lessons Everett wrote his own music, played in a duet with a guitarist, and learned how to sightread. Everett’s skills grew so quickly that he won the local music competition elementary division just 5 months after starting lessons!
12 year-old Julie made fast friends with another voice student within her first month of starting lessons at Flourish. Not only is she loving singing, she also loves belonging to a community of students that are excited about music. Though she struggled with performing in the beginning, her confidence and poise grow by the day.
Rebecca is an adult who switched to Flourish when she wasn’t making progress with her former violin teacher. She appreciates the professional quality teaching and the program designed specifically for adult students; now she enjoys playing violin more.

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