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The Problem:

Your child is interested in music lessons, but you are not sure if they will like it…

Will you have to nag them to practice?

Will your child end up resenting music because it feels like more homework?

Will he/she stick with it long enough to really enjoy it?

Practice can feel like one more chore in a kid’s already busy life. Many adults say they quit lessons as a kid because practicing was too tedious or difficult. And now they regret it…

But what if practice wasn’t just “more homework”? What if music lessons weren’t tedious?

The Solution:

At Flourish Music Academy, we don’t just teach facts. Our caring and patient teachers nurture the love for music in every child. Our lessons are fun, creative and engaging so that kids go home excited to practice!

Our students:

      • Learn by ear AND by reading so they play music they enjoy from day one.
      • Write their own songs (even beginners!) allowing them to enjoy being creative and understand music at a deeper level
      • Learn practice “secrets” so they can make more progress with less time!
      • Are celebrated for their progress and effort through the Flourish Achievement Program
      • Experience the uplifting atmosphere and natural support system from the community at Flourish
      • Gain confidence and poise not from empty words but from seeing actual RESULTS and making fantastic progress!

Intermediate to Advanced Levels

All our teachers are highly qualified, professional musicians. Your child can stay with us through advanced levels and continue to learn and grow.

Do you want to

      • earn a college scholarship
      • start a band
      • play with their church worship team
      • learn how to accompany singers to earn extra cash
      • or otherwise excel at playing your instrument or singing?

We give advanced students the technique, theory understanding, and deep love for music they need to succeed!

Our students also have the opportunity to participate in the internationally-acclaimed Royal Conservatory of Music examinations. Join the best students in the country as you show off what you have accomplished!

Flourish has inspired my son! He really didn’t care about music lessons but chose the piano when his dad and I asked him to try an instrument… We couldn’t be happier! He loves going to lessons, and he has chosen to continue into his fourth year after his “try it for a year” commitment has long passed!- Jen, parent

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